élever Pro Monitor Riser

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Elevate your desk setup with the Flujo Elever Pro Monitor Riser in Singapore, a modular and ergonomic solution for dual monitors. This riser improves posture, reduces neck and back strain, and enhances productivity with customizable accessories for a clutter-free workspace. Ideal for professionals, gamers, and content creators aiming for an optimized desktop experience. 

Style: Standard
Technical schematic of a monitor riser with dimensions marked, detailing a length of 1200mm, width of 260mm, and height of 120mm.

élever Pro Monitor Riser Key Features

A close-up of a smartphone docked on a wooden monitor riser, highlighting the riser's functionality and smart design.

Upgrade desktop settings

No matter how different the tasks of your everydaylife may be - with the élever Pro you are alwaysprepared for everything.The phone stand, for example, allows you to masterhands-free video calls with flying colors.

A speaker and a laptop shelf beneath a monitor riser, showcasing the riser's capacity for organizing and streamlining workspaces.

Space-Saving Solution

Maximize your desk space with this compact and efficient riser. The elevated platform allows you to reclaim valuable surface area while keeping your workspace organized and tidy.

A laptop docked vertically under the monitor riser, demonstrating the riser's modular design and space-saving features.

Dual Monitors Support

With the Dual Monitors Riser, you can easily accommodate two monitors side by side, providing an expansive and immersive viewing experience. Increase your efficiency by multitasking effortlessly.

A workspace setup featuring a monitor riser with modular accessories including a phone stand and additional storage solutions.

Modular Accessories

This riser is equipped with a selection of modular accessories that cater to every individual's needs. Customize your setup with add-ons such as cable management, document holders, or device docks, creating a personalized and clutter-free workspace.

A modern office setup showcasing the éléver Pro Ergonomic Monitor Riser with accessories, including speakers, a phone stand, and a potted plant, highlighting the riser's utility and style.

Monitor Riser Health Benefits

for Everyday Comfort

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm promotes improved posture with correct screen positioning to reduce hunching.

Improved Posture

When screens are positioned correctly, users are less likely to hunch forward or adopt other poor postures. This can reduce the risk of developing chronic postural problems and related issues such as back pain or thoracic outlet syndrome.

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm helps reduce neck and back strain with optimal height and angle adjustments.

Reduced Neck and Back Strain

By allowing users to adjust the monitor to an optimal height and angle, a monitor arm can help maintain a neutral neck posture. This reduces the risk of developing musculoskeletal problems in the neck and upper back due to prolonged periods of looking up or down at a screen.

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm decreases eye strain by allowing ideal screen distance and angle settings.

Decreased Eye Strain

An adjustable monitor arm lets users set the screen at an ideal distance and angle, reducing glare and ensuring the screen is directly in their line of sight. This minimizes the chances of eye fatigue and discomfort from staring at a screen that's too close or too far away.

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm enhances movement and flexibility in the workspace, promoting better circulation.

Increased Movement and Flexibility

With the easy adjustability of monitor arms, users are more likely to change their positions and postures throughout the day. This promotes better circulation, reduces the risks associated with prolonged static postures, and encourages micro-breaks that can help in reducing muscle fatigue.

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