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Whether you're a busy professional looking for a more comfortable and efficient workspace, or a homemaker looking for the latest and greatest ergonomic Chairs, Flujo has something for everyone.


Ayla is an evolutionary ergonomic chair which is a perfect solution for working from home and workplace of the future.
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Adjustable Lumbar Support

Reinforces the lower back with an adjustable lever, offering stress free support to different posture.

Backrest Glide System

Adopted the Dual direction system, allowing the backrest height to be freely adjusted.


The Extra Large surface provides ample support to the elbows and arm comfortably.


Adjustment Points

19 points of adjustment
allow for an optimal fit for you to provide support and reduce pain
in the neck.back,waist and arms.


Years Warranty

Warranty & Warranty Redemption Extension.Up to 12 Years Warranty + 1 Year Extended Warranty ( Please Contact our Friendly Customer Service to know more on the extension)

Smart Axle

Smart Axle ergonomic standing desk is designed as a free standing table which accommodates more people with diverse workstyles. Users will experience the most dynamic office work environments.
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Smart Control / Height Range

3 Programmable Preset Memories to accommodate a wide array of users' needs. Digital OLED Screen for height display. Height Adjustable Range 73cm to 120cm.

Desk Frame / Max Load

Frame Column material is iron. Extendable Frame 100cm to 170cm to fit different table top sizes. Max Load up to 120kgs.

Anti-Collision Technology

Automatic stop avoids collision happen.


Maxium Weight


Lowest Height


Highest Height

élever Pro

Enhance your desktop setup with the Flujo elever Pro Dual Monitors Riser Stand. This ergonomic riser is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and adjustable platform for your dual monitors. With a range of modular accessories available, you can customize the riser to meet your individual needs. Improve your posture, reduce strain on your neck and back, and boost productivity with this versatile solution. Whether you're a professional, a gamer, or a content creator, the Flujo Dual Monitors Riser will enhance your desktop experience. Elevate your workspace and unlock the full potential of your setup with this ergonomic and functional solution.
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Modular Accessories

This riser is equipped with a selection of modular accessories that cater to every individual's needs. Customize your setup with add-ons such as cable management, document holders, or device docks, creating a personalized and clutter-free workspace.

Ergonomic Design

The Dual Monitors Riser is thoughtfully designed with ergonomics in mind. Adjust the height and angle to find the optimal viewing position, reducing strain on your neck, shoulders, and eyes.

Premium Build Quality

The Dual Monitors Riser is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and stability. Its robust construction can safely support your monitors, providing a secure and reliable foundation for your workstation.

Video Review

The Flujo Syclone is a gaming chair that was design with mobile gamers in mind. It features a 6 directional arm rest that lets you rest in a comfortable position to use your phone.

Shawn Koh
13 Apr 2023

Introducing Ayla by Flujo, this newly designed chair comes with many adjustments to suit your body and give you a comfortable posture for those long working hours at the desk.

Shawn Koh
1 Jan 2023

Jika Anda Sedang Mencari Standing Desk Atau Adjustable Desk Yang Berkualiti, Jangan Bimbang! Saya Kongsikan Pengalaman Menggunakan Standing Desk Jenama Flujo.

Bisnes Ultimate
17 Aug 2022

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