mage showcasing a modern desk setup with Flujo accessories, including a phone stand and keyboard, set against a backdrop of a gaming PC and a monitor.

Flujo Installation Guide

Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Line drawing of the Flujo Ayla™ Ergonomic Executive Chair showing a comfortable design with adjustable armrests and a high backrest, on the Flujo official website.

Ayla Ergonomic Chair

Illustration of the Flujo Bea™ Ergonomic Executive Chair with contoured seat and backrest, highlighting its supportive structure, as advertised on Flujo's website.

Bea Ergonomic Chair

Sketch of the Flujo Vertical Series 1 Ergonomic Executive Chair, featuring a tall mesh back for breathable support, as seen on the Flujo store online.

Vertical 1 Ergonomic Chair

Graphic of the Flujo Vertical Series 2 Ergonomic Executive Chair, with a high mesh back and distinct headrest, available for purchase at Flujo's online store.

Vertical 2 Ergonomic Chair

Drawing of the Flujo Ángulo Ergonomic Executive Chair, showcasing a mesh back and headrest for ergonomic comfort, part of Flujo's office furniture collection.

Ángulo Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Artwork of the Flujo Triton Ergonomic Gaming Chair, with a racing-style backrest and shoulder support, from the gaming collection on the Flujo store website.

Triton Gaming Chair

Depiction of the Flujo Syclone Ergonomic Gaming Chair, designed with a sleek, contoured backrest for gaming comfort, featured on the Flujo store.

Syclone Pro Premium Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Standing Desk

SmartAxle Ergonomic Standing Desk

SmarTrax Ergonomic Standing Desk

Ergonomic Monitor Riser

Technical drawing of the Flujo Élever Pro Dual Monitor Riser Stand, showing a long, sturdy platform for monitors, advertised on the Flujo online store.

élever Pro Dual Monitor Riser

Diagram of the Flujo XTFlex S5 Single Monitor Arm, illustrating its articulated design for flexible monitor positioning, available at Flujo's website.

XTFlex S5 Single Monitor Arm

Flujo Installation Video

Flujo élever Monitor Riser Installation Guide

Flujo Triton Gaming Chair Riser Installation Guide

Flujo SmarTrax Standing Desk Installation Guide

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