Cable Management Net

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Streamline your workspace with the Flujo Cable Management Net, a perfect solution for under-desk cable management in Singapore. This innovative product ensures a tidy and clutter-free environment, enhancing productivity and focus. Featuring easy installation and durable materials, it's designed for any professional seeking an organized desk space. Ideal for maintaining an orderly, clean workspace with minimal effort.

Traceless Strength Hook

The maximum load of DIY self-adhesive hook can reach 4kgs,
which can be pasted at any desired position.

Quick Installation

It is installed under the desktop with a scratch free hook,
which is simple to install without any tools.

Space Clean

Keep the space orderly, clean and tidy as a whole, and reduce the confusion of lines.


Exquisite workmanship,transparent net cloth, heat dissipation, easy to clean.

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Cable Management Net

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