XTFlex Monitor Arm Single

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Optimize your workspace with the Flujo XTFlex Single Monitor Arm in Singapore, a versatile solution for ergonomic monitor positioning. Designed for monitors ranging from 13" to 32", it ensures optimal viewing angles and supports a tidy workspace with integrated cable management. Ideal for enhancing productivity and comfort in any professional setting.

Technical schematic of monitor arm showing height and extension adjustments with detailed measurements.

Diagram displaying C-Clamp and Grommet Mount options for monitor arms with desktop thickness specifications.

XTFlex Single Monitor Arm

Key Features

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm showcasing its weight and size capacity for monitors from 13" to 32" inches.

Weight & Size Capacity

The Flujo XTFlex monitor arm is meticulously engineered to accommodate monitors ranging in size from 13" to 32" and in weight from 2 to 9 Kgs. This robust weight and size capacity ensures that users can securely mount a variety of monitors, showcasing the arm's versatile and high-quality design.

Integrated cable management feature of the Flujo XTFlex monitor arm for a tidy workspace.

Intergrated Cable Management

The Flujo XTflex monitor arm stands out with its sleek design and integrated cable management system, ensuring a clean and organized workspace. By seamlessly concealing power and display cables, the XTflex not only optimizes functionality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any desk setup.

Versatile adjustment capabilities of the Flujo XTFlex monitor arm for custom screen positioning.

Versatile Adjustment

The Flujo XTFlex monitor arm boasts superior adjustability features, setting it apart in the realm of ergonomic workspace solutions. Its design ensures users can position their monitors both vertically and horizontally, achieving the optimal viewing angle and height for ergonomic comfort and enhanced productivity.

Clamp and grommet mounting options of the Flujo XTFlex monitor arm for diverse desk setups.

Clamp/Grommet Mounting

The Flujo XTFlex monitor arm introduces a versatile clamp and grommet mounting system, catering to a range of desk setups. This feature ensures that, regardless of the desk type, users can securely and conveniently mount their monitors, emphasizing the arm's adaptability and user-centric design.

Monitor Arm: Health Benefits for Everyday Comfort

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm promotes improved posture with correct screen positioning to reduce hunching.

Improved Posture

When screens are positioned correctly, users are less likely to hunch forward or adopt other poor postures. This can reduce the risk of developing chronic postural problems and related issues such as back pain or thoracic outlet syndrome.

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm helps reduce neck and back strain with optimal height and angle adjustments.

Reduced Neck and Back Strain

By allowing users to adjust the monitor to an optimal height and angle, a monitor arm can help maintain a neutral neck posture. This reduces the risk of developing musculoskeletal problems in the neck and upper back due to prolonged periods of looking up or down at a screen.

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm decreases eye strain by allowing ideal screen distance and angle settings.

Decreased Eye Strain

An adjustable monitor arm lets users set the screen at an ideal distance and angle, reducing glare and ensuring the screen is directly in their line of sight. This minimizes the chances of eye fatigue and discomfort from staring at a screen that's too close or too far away.

Flujo XTFlex monitor arm enhances movement and flexibility in the workspace, promoting better circulation.

Increased Movement and Flexibility

With the easy adjustability of monitor arms, users are more likely to change their positions and postures throughout the day. This promotes better circulation, reduces the risks associated with prolonged static postures, and encourages micro-breaks that can help in reducing muscle fatigue.

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