élever Pro

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Key Features

Upgrade desktop settings

No matter how different the tasks of your everydaylife may be - with the élever Pro you are alwaysprepared for everything.The phone stand, for example, allows you to masterhands-free video calls with flying colors.

Space-Saving Solution

Maximize your desk space with this compact and efficient riser. The elevated platform allows you to reclaim valuable surface area while keeping your workspace organized and tidy.

Dual Monitors Support

With the Dual Monitors Riser, you can easily accommodate two monitors side by side, providing an expansive and immersive viewing experience. Increase your efficiency by multitasking effortlessly.

Modular Accessories

This riser is equipped with a selection of modular accessories that cater to every individual's needs. Customize your setup with add-ons such as cable management, document holders, or device docks, creating a personalized and clutter-free workspace.