Why an ergonomic chair and good sitting posture is so important

Why an Ergonomic Chair and Good Sitting Posture is so important

We probably spend more than 50% of our workday in a sitting position daily, and the ergonomically wrong posture can have a lasting health impact on our body. Most people have bad ergonomic sitting postures and working in front of our desk for prolonged period takes a toll on our physical well-being. Bad ergonomic sitting posture causes serious muscular strains and pressures on our spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. It also reduces flexibility and leads to chronic pains. For the benefit of our physical well-being, it is necessary to understand the correct ergonomic sitting posture for working at a desk all day.

Correct Ergonomic Sitting Posture

Correct Ergonomic Sitting Posture

Correct ergonomic sitting posture is very important to physical well-being but is usually easily overlooked. The following guidelines will help you in learning, understanding and adopting a correct ergonomic sitting posture for better physical comfort and well-being.

  • Keeping your feet flat on the floor or rested on an ergonomic footrest helps reduce muscular tensions in the lower back. Your legs should be perpendicular to the floor and kept slightly apart, alternatively you can also choose to place your feet on a FlujoTM ergonomic footrest or FlujoTM ergonomic anti-fatigue mat.
  • Ensure your back is straight and hips are wellsupported by the backrest of your ergonomic Avoid slouching and rest your elbows on the ergonomic desk to minimize the angle on your wrists.
  • Do not cross your legs, knees or ankleswhen seated in your ergonomic chair, as this causes unnecessary strains on the hips and lower back.
  • When seated at the desk, your forearms should be relaxed and forming a 75 - 90 degree angle at the elbows. If this is not the case, the height of your FlujoTM ergonomic chair or FlujoTM ergonomic standing desk should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and back straight when seated in your ergonomic chair.
  • Keep a small gapbetween the back of your knees and the edge of your ergonomic chair.

When your monitor is positioned incorrectly, you cause excess strains on your neck and upper back because you are constantly looking up or down, this increase the risks of chronic injuries such as neck strains and headaches. Use a FlujoTM ergonomic monitor arm to adjust the height and distance of your monitor to a comfortable eye level.

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