4 Reasons Why Big Armrest is good on an Ergonomic Chair

4 Reasons Why Big Armrest is good on an Ergonomic Chair

Armrests are the most under rated and unnoticed part of an ergonomic chair. They are neither the most fancy nor glamorous part of a chair and their importance are often overlooked. 

Many people will pay attention to the chair designs, the lumbar support and the mesh materials etc, but most will generally not recognize the importance of armrests. Considering we spend long working hours in front of the desk and armrests provide support for our elbows and shoulders, we can agree that a chair with comfortable armrests does have significant health benefits.

A good ergonomic office chair goes a long way in making us feel better while working in front of the desk. Ergonomic Office Chairs with big armrests have shown significant improvement in the work efficiency and morale of office employees because they are more comfortable in their chairs.

With the right kind of armrests, blood circulation is known to improve and prevent numbness to the shoulders and elbows. It has been proven “Size does Matter”, and big armrests are tried and tested to be more supportive, comfortable, flexible, and adjustable for the user because of the increased support area. 

Ergonomic Chair Arm Rest for Blood Circulation

Majority of us may not be aware that smaller armrests are not as ergonomic as the bigger armrests. On the smaller armrests, our elbows are not fully rested on the armrest and at certain angles they are only partially supported. But on big armrests, the support area are larger and we are free to place our elbows on the armrests at any angle for an ergonomic posture and ultimate support.

There is a common consensus in the ergonomic office chair industry that the right kind of armrests will always benefit the workforce and the office as a whole. Here are some ergonomic benefits of having big armrests in the office chairs, that might help us to decide on the type of chairs we should purchase for our office or home.

Maintaining a Good Sitting Posture

We spend long hours daily sitting on our chairs thus having a good sitting posture is so important. Big armrests are more comfortable for the person sitting on the chair by helping to keep a natural posture because of the better support it provides to our elbows and shoulders.

When all our joints are at a natural position, it lessens the resistance and strain on our muscles while typing, drawing, or working on anything, which ultimately means less stress on our body while we work.

An ergonomically correct position is also better for aging persons who are more prone to physical health issues and arthritis problems. The stresses on the physical joints can be greatly reduced as a result of the natural ergonomic posture from an ergonomically correct sitting position, derived from a good ergonomic chair.

 Our forearms are almost in line with our desk, this is where the use of big armrests would make it easier to support the forearms in a comfortable ergonomic position. The importance of having the big armrests is to better support the elbows and maintaining an ergonomic posture. Neck and shoulder strain are greatly reduced over long periods of time while sitting in our chair.

Ergonomic Chair for Maintaining a Good Sitting Posture

● Short Break

At times we really like to fall asleep or take a nap, during those moments, we might just shut our eyes to take a short break while sitting in our chair. An ergonomic big armrest provides a strain-free rest on our chair. Ergonomic chair without armrests or with the smaller standard armrests does not allow our muscles to fully relax and catch a quick shut-eye.

We sometimes take lunch breaks at our desks which is when armrests are really important. The big armrest provides ample support to our elbows and forearms while we are having our meal.

As mentioned above, a good posture is very important while working, and the same goes for when resting and taking breaks at the desk. The lack of a proper place to rest our arms when we are resting or taking a break can be very frustrating.

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Ergonomic Chair for Flexibility and Comfort

● Flexibility and Comfort

Choose an ergonomic chair with big armrests because the level of flexibility and comfort it will bring to you. 

To increase the flexibility and comfort factors, a Big Armrest with Extra Large surface provides ample support to the elbows and arms comfortably, regardless of your height, arm length, placement angle and support directions.

We spend most of our time sitting in front of a desk on a working day, therefore it is important to have a significant level of ergonomic comfort over a long duration of sitting. It becomes very uncomfortable and discomfort is proven to affect efficiency and productivity.

Physical Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chair

● Physical Health Benefits

One of the most important health benefit is that it helps to prevent “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” for people whose jobs requires a lot of typing while seated in their chairs for long hours. The bigger ergonomic armrests allow the elbows to bend at an angle of 100 degrees or more. This in turn, allows the wrists to be in an ergonomic stress free angle while typing.

As mentioned before, with the big ergonomic armrests, blood circulation has been shown to improve and numbness to the shoulders and elbows are greatly reduced. 

Another significant health benefit of the bigger ergonomic armrests, is that it helps to absorb the pressures on the neck, back and shoulder area, lessening the stress and strains on our body.

One of the most common health problems is the strain behind our shoulder blades, which is a result of our arms and elbows being in a strained position for too long. All of this can be reduced with the proper ergonomic armrests. Thus, the bigger ergonomic armrests really helps in reducing neck pain and shoulder pain from the wrong sitting postures caused by armless chairs and the smaller standard armrest fitted on most generic task chairs.

Ergonomic Chair Benefits to Health

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