7 Health Benefits of Using Ergo Mesh Chair at Work

7 Health Benefits Of Using Ergo Mesh Chair At Work

The office is a place where work gets done and ideas are exchanged. To perform at your best, you need to be equipped with the best and that starts with having the right chair. An average worker spends up to 8 hours a day at their desk and an improper chair can be detrimental. 

That’s where ergonomics comes into play. There are different types of ergonomic office products such as keyboards, wrists rests, desks and of course, office chairs. Ergonomic mesh chairs are widely utilized in modern workplaces as they have many health benefits. 

The following are 7 health benefits of using ergonomic mesh chairs at work. First, let’s take a look at what ergonomics is and the features an ergonomic chair should have.


What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of improving workspaces to minimize the risk of injury or harm. It is a branch of science that aims to learn about human limitations and how to construct an environment based on 3 principles; physical, cognitive and organizational. 

An ergonomic work environment can prevent common work related injuries such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and back pains. Ergonomic workstations are highly encouraged nowadays and it all starts with the right chair! 

Here are features to look out for in an ergonomic chair:

  • Adjustability: The function of adjusting the height, depth and other characteristics of the chair. 
  • Armrest: To support the shoulders and prevent straining in the arm. 
  • Lumbar Support: To alleviate stress in the lower back during long periods of sitting.
  • Swivel: Prevents unnecessary neck strains by allowing you to spin and interact with your surroundings.
  • Fabric: Breathable material, comfortable and easy to clean. 
  • Headrest (optional): Allows you to sit in a reclined position and adds more neck support.

These features create an ergonomic sitting experience and they have many benefits. Without further ado, here are 7 health benefits of using ergonomic mesh chairs.


1. Posture Support

First and foremost, ergonomic chairs are great for posture support. This is probably its most marketed quality and rightfully so. It has all the right features for great posture support such as a lumbar support and head-rest. 

It is also fully adjustable so you can align your chair according to your height and workstation. Take note that your feet should always be flat on the floor with knees at a 90 degree angle. This will keep you up right, ensuring you remain in the correct sitting position throughout the day.


2. Reduces Back Pain

Regular office chairs are okay to use until you start developing back pains. This is a common issue in most office environments and it's the root cause of most back issues. Traditional chairs are not designed for prolonged sitting as they put immense pressure on the spine. 

On the other hand, the lumbar support or back rest of ergonomic chairs are designed to support the curvature of your spine. It reduces pressure on the back and it also gives you the freedom to move back and forth.


3. Reduces Neck Pain

Other than back related issues, neck pains are also quite common among office workers. People tend to slouch and poke their neck forward during long hours of sitting. This puts pressure on the neck muscles and in some cases, can lead to spondylosis - wear and tear in the neck's spinal disk. 

With ergonomic chairs, you have the choice of adding a headrest which is great for head and neck support. This is highly recommended if you spend a lot of time answering calls. Ergo chairs also have a swivel feature which allows you to turn around without putting strain on your neck.


4. Reduces Pressure on the Hips

Ergonomic chairs have more padding compared to regular office chairs. It adds depth to your seat which provides more support and reduces stress on your hips. The lumbar support will also help you distribute your weight properly by supporting your spine. 

As mentioned, this promotes good posture which inherently prevents hip pain too! 


5. Improves Blood Circulation

An improper chair can cut off circulation if it puts too much pressure on your back legs. This will affect your blood flow and in serious cases, can cause circulatory issues over the long run. Poor circulation is also associated with bad posture so remember to keep yourself up right at work. 

Ergonomic chairs are designed to reduce the pressure on your back legs. It allows you to adjust your sitting position so your feet are flat on the floor while maintaining good posture. This can prevent your legs from swelling or going numb.


6. Minimizes Fatigue

Traditional office chairs have the tendency to trap heat and cause you to sweat. The mesh in ergonomic chairs however will provide ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. This is especially useful in hot environments like Singapore. 

A breathable chair can keep you relaxed during extended periods of working. It also reduces fatigue and thereby increases productivity which brings us to the last point.


7. Boosts Productivity

Last but not least, ergonomic chairs can help you boost your productivity levels. All the previous benefits combine to give you an immersive, comfortable and healthy sitting experience. This will improve the quality of your working environment so you can focus and perform at your best. 

If you’re looking to enhance your working experience with an ergonomic chair, click here to look at our selection of chairs.

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