3 Types of Office Equipment to improve work efficiency

3 Types of Office Equipment to improve work efficiency

Do you often find your workday spiral out of control? You start each day with a plan to get so much done, but soon find yourself becoming distracted, focusing on low-priority tasks and tired all the times. So how can you regain control of your time?

Research shows that having the appropriate workplace equipment for productivity makes a significant difference in multiple aspects of your work quality.

Ergonomic Chair For Workspace

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is specifically designed for ergonomic comfort at your work desk. It is designed in such a way that the user’s body is kept in an ergonomically comfortable upright position to reduce stress on the spine, neck and hips.

Investing in an ergonomic chair can certainly be pricier than normal furniture but it’s worth it, because most people spend maybe up to 8 hours or more seated at our work desk. An ergonomic chair will improve comfort and inprove efficiency.

  • Using ergonomic office chairs leads to great health benefitsAmong the top reasons why you should get an ergonomic office chair are the health benefits that come with its regular use. Ergonomic chairs can help ease lower back pain, give support to the spine, keep joints in a neutral position, and alleviate neck and shoulder pains. Using ergonomic chair can also reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders that damages the neck and back.
  • Ergonomic chairs provide more comfort. You spend a third of your day in your office chair. It’s hard to sustain a good work ethic for that long if you are not comfortable. An ergonomic chair can be adjusted to the body’s natural form so that you’re more comfortable while carrying out necessary work tasks.
Ergonomic Standing Desk For Workspace

    Ergonomic Standing Desk

    Ergonomic Standing Desk are becoming popular in workplaces to lessen the number of hours in a seated position.
    Study found that having an ergonomic standing desk contributes to an increase of 2.5 X muscles activities, reducing the risk of chronic neck strains and back pains. The study also found that an ergonomic standing desk can reduce the risk of aches, injuries, and cardiovascular disease by up to 40%.
    You can find ergonomic standing desks and ergonomic height adjustable desks in almost any size and style. Combining the use of ergonomic standing desks with ergonomic chairs gives you the option to move freely through the workday, increasing both mental and physical activity while switching between being seated in your ergonomic chair and standing at your ergonomic standing desk — contributing to increased productivity. 
    Ergonomic Monitor Arm For Workspace


    Ergonomic Monitor Arm

    If you use a monitor screen, you will benefit from mounting it on an ergonomic monitor arm.
    Sitting or standing without an ergonomic chair or standing desk all day while using a computer is bad for your health. Leaning forward or tilting your head up or down to look at the screen not only causes back and neck strain but is also bad for your eyes. An ergonomically friendly workspace is essential to your well-being and work performance, both at home and in the office
    Here are a few reasons why you should consider using an ergonomic monitor arm.
    • Because you’re tired of straining your neck and eyes to see your monitor in its fixed position: This is the most obvious and most common reason to get an ergonomicmonitor arm. An ergonomic monitor arm allows you to adjust the height, depth, and in most cases, the angle of your monitor to get it to the most comfortable position. With an ergonomic monitor arm, your monitor can be positioned approximately an arm’s length away from your eyes, with the top of the monitor tilted slightly away from you. With an ergonomic monitor arm, your eyes can be levelled with the screen thus do not need to look up or down and your neck will be relaxed. So, consider investing in an ergonomic monitor arm to will help avoid neck and eye strains as well as shoulder pains from poor posture.
    • Versatility: Standard ergonomic monitor arm usually allows for typical adjustments, like height, depth, and angle, many ergonomic monitor arms like the FlujoTM ergonomic monitor arm also allows you to easily switch from landscape to portrait mode or to quickly adjust dual monitors from a side-by-side configuration to stacked one over the other. Ergonomic monitor arms allow you to customize your workstation and working style.
    • Maximise your workspace with ergonomic monitor arms Using an ergonomic monitor arm means you can free up valuable workspace to become more organised and productive, especially in smaller workspaces. Ergonomic monitor arms with built-in cable management systems help keep you tangle free all day long. Productivity and performance research indicates that proper ergonomics in the office or home office can increase productivity significantly. According to a study done by the Jon Peddie Research, productivity can be increased by an average of 42% when using multiple monitors. Multiple screens on ergonomic monitor arms allow you to view more display content and to use multiple programs simultaneously. By viewing documents side by side with ergonomic monitor arms for your screens, you cut down on time wasted toggling between documents and programs.
    • Have an ergonomic height adjustable standing desk If you have an ergonomic standing desk, you need to be able to adjust your monitor screen to optimise viewing position for while standing or Depending on your workstation setup, you may find it necessary to make slight adjustments to your monitor angles as you move from standing to sitting and back again. Combining the use or your FlujoTM ergonomic standing desk and FlujoTM ergonomic chair with an ergonomic monitor arm like the FlujoTM SmartFlex with its smooth and light fingertip operation makes it easy to adjust the angle, height, or depth of your monitor.

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