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Frame: Black
Tabletop Colour: Warm White
Size: 1020*600mm

Key Features

Smart Control & Height Range

The Flujo SmarTrax Standing Desk stands out as a pinnacle of ergonomic workspace solutions with its advanced Smart Control system. Boasting a generous height range from 73CM to 122CM and equipped with four memory presets, users can seamlessly transition between their preferred sitting and standing positions, enhancing comfort and adaptability in modern work environments.

Single Motor Mechanism

The Flujo SmarTrax Standing Desk is engineered with a Quiet Smooth Motor, ensuring that users experience seamless and noise-free height adjustments. Not only does its Single Motor Mechanism offer a simple setup process, but it also presents unbeatable value for money, merging functionality with affordability in the realm of standing desks.

Sturdy Construction

The Flujo SmarTrax Standing Desk boasts a robust design with a remarkable maximum load capacity of up to 80Kgs. This sturdy construction, combined with its Anti Wobble Feature, ensures that users can place their work essentials with confidence, knowing their setup remains stable and secure throughout height adjustments.

Easy Assembly

The Flujo SmarTrax Standing Desk revolutionizes the workspace with its emphasis on user-friendly design. Offering an easy assembly process, it comes with clear instructions ensuring that users can swiftly set up their ergonomic workspace without any hassle.

Health Benefits

Improve Posture

A standing desk promotes an upright position, naturally aligning the spine and encouraging better posture compared to traditional sitting setups.

Reduce Risk of Weight Gain & Obesity

Standing desks encourage more movement and calorie burn throughout the day, thereby contributing to weight management and reducing the risk of obesity.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Using a standing desk can help lower blood sugar levels by reducing prolonged sedentary periods, which are associated with increased risks of elevated blood sugar.

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Using a standing desk can decrease sedentary time, potentially lowering the risk of heart disease by promoting more active postures throughout the day.