élever Ergonomic Monitor Riser

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Introducing our premium elever monitor riser, designed to enhance your workspace and elevate your viewing experience. This wood monitor riser offers the perfect ergonomic solution for your monitor, reducing neck and eye strain with its elevated height and comfortable viewing angle. Built with a sturdy and durable material, this riser can accommodate monitors of various sizes and weights with ease. With its sleek and modern design, this monitor riser will complement any workspace and provide you with the perfect combination of style and functionality. Upgrade your workspace with our monitor riser today!

Color: Arizona

Ergonomic Posture

The élever wooden monitor riser elevate your monitor by 100mm to an optimal ergonomic eye level for a better posture. The Flujo élever Monitor Riser Stand also helps to minimise Eye Fatigue, Back Pain and Neck / Shoulder strain

Minimum Foot Print

Provides and free up your desktop space to stow away your desktop accessories.

Material / Dimension

  • Constructed from Premiuim Molded Plywood supports up to 10kgs.
  • 800 mm(L) X 220 mm (W) X 100 mm (H).